One one one! 

 This little munchkin turned 1 today! 

   We threw her a woodland themed party complete with mushroom cookies, toad stool cupcakes and a cheesy hedgehog.  All of Izzy’s friends spoiled her rotten.  She ate an entire grill cheese sandwich and probably 3 mini cupcakes.  

 We are so grateful to all the love showered on our little one on her special day from our friends.  It was great to catch up and see all the littles grow bigger and become good friends.

  This little baby has changed our lives.  We spent more time than we wanted in the hospital – a place we have grown to love and a place that represents hopeful futures and resilience.  We have learned to embrace a different normal that I would have never imagined for our family, or for my children.  We have learned how to be patient and to look for the opportunities in even the most difficult situations.  I have experienced more anxiety and exhaustion  in the last year than ever before.  It was hard.  But seeing how far we have come and this little baby thriving makes all the sleepless nights worthwhile.  

This upcoming year will be another one full of milestones.  Isabelle will start daycare next week.  She will learn to walk, learn to talk.  She may have her surgery this year.  Whatever the next year and all the rest of our years bring, one thing is for sure.  Our lives will never be the same now that this one has come.  It has grown richer.  Our family has grown stronger and more confident.  I can’t wait to see what is in store for us.


 Before she turned one, we had a big scare.  Isabelle has been pretty sick over the past week with a cold.  Nothing too exciting, just some coughing and stuffy nose.  Throwing up once in a while. But on Wednesday when we were getting her ready for her bath I noticed that her omph had doubled in size.  It totally freaked me out.  Is this what a blockage looks like? We called the on call surgeon and was asked to go into the ER at the Children’s just to make sure nothing was wrong.  Turns out that when Izzy coughs forcefully, she can push all her guts back into her omph.  Also, when she is sick, upset, coughing lots or crying lots, she can also swallow more air and cause her to be bloated. With no muscle to hold her guts in, everything just gets pushed out.  Basically the omph is likes balloon. Nothing to be alarmed about.  Now if her omph blows up like a balloon, I won’t lose my cool and freak out. 

We learn something new everyday. We grow in confidence everyday.  I wonder what we will learn this year.


2 thoughts on “One one one! ”

  1. Happy birthday Izzy!! Wow Jess did you cater the party? It looks professional! Love how you celebrate in style. Izzy and Addison are very lucky. I’m very proud of you and your beautiful family. I know it must be hard, but you and Mark have made this year special in every way with the munchkins, reducing the omph to only a footnote in a beautiful chapter. You guys radiate strength and enthusiasm for life.


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