Surgery go time

So we got Izzy’s surgery date yesterday.  August 10.  The surgeon that did our consult and saw us at the emerg a while back plus the plastic surgeon will be doing the surgery.  They mentioned that they are not getting significant improvement with the growth of her body in relation to the omphalocele so waiting longer will not bring much more benefit. The surgeon mentioned that from feeling around her rib cage, she thinks we way need some goretex in there because there is very little tissue.  The best case scenario will be that she doesn’t need to use the goretex but it is not terrible even if they do.  If goretex is used, it will stay in for a few years and be reassessed when Isabelle is older. There is a higher risk of infection if there is a foreign object in her body, and that is the biggest risk.  The only added concern would be if the goretex separated in the future and an internal organ snuck it’s way out a bit.  There would be a risk of blood loss to that piece of organ so That would mean a follow up emergency surgery.  

Her barium test by the way showed that her upper GI looked normal.  Her lower GI is all spaghetti like of course but also functioning normally.  

The big goal for the girls is to keep both of them healthy so that Izzy is strong and illness free before surgery.  To keep the girls healthy we have already planned for my dad to come two weeks before surgery day so that both girls can stay home from daycare. We are lucky we have an option like that!  For me, it will just be managing the anxiety.  We have a few trips planned this summer which will be a good way to get through the couple of months before surgery.  It will be awesome to spend some time with the girls outside our regular routine, and it will be a good distraction to help control my anxiety.  I do believe Izzy will do great through this – she is pretty fiesty.  Me, I am not so sure.  I am excited we are finally at this point but also nervous and anxious what might go wrong.  Oh well, nothing some wine won’t cure! 


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