Meet A. LeBoo

Listen to his story here
Meet A. LeBoo.  His name comes from watching the Montreal Canadiens (but he’s not a fan, he’s a Leafs fan) and the broadcasters yell “eh! Le beau!” after each goal.  He comes from a rodeo clown family but he was too scared to follow in the family business.  So he went to Toronto Sick Kids to play and to learn from the kids at the hospital all about bravery.  

This story about the gentle therapy clown at the Toronto Sick Kids Hospital came over the radio while I was driving and I teared up emotionally.  What he does is so simple, just spending time playing with the kids and letting them lead in whatever form of companionship they need.  Yet it takes a very special person with a very big heart to be in this line of work.  There is nothing that touches me more than listening to the stories of people dedicating their lives to the welfare of children who spend their time at children’s hospitals.  I am a strong believer that health care should be looked at wholeisticly, and I don’t think this can be more true for kids who are at the hospital for long stretches.  There are many nights when we were leaving the hospital that we saw the pajama parties and all the workers at Alberta’s Children’s hospital dressed as fairies, princesses and superheroes and I am sure these efforts lifted the spirits of all the children and make their stay just that little bit more bare able.

So here’s to all the clowns, all the princesses and super heroes, who makes everyday A little bit of sunshine into all these brave little children’s lives.


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