Hot-lanta family vacay

Last week the fam jam took a long overdue vacation. Well it wasn’t a true family vacation, the hubs had some training in Atlanta so we tagged along. The girls and I had a few days on our own and then we had a couple of days with daddy tagging along.  I don’t think that Atlanta was ever on a bucket list, but I am so glad we went.  There were some great activities to do with the kids and sights to see.  And the food was to die for.   We had such a good time.  Here is a photo explosion of our adventures.

This was Izzy’s first flight and she did great! Well she cried a bit but who wouldn’t in these squishy planes? Addison was very much into safety.
On the first day, we had some waffles at the famous Waffle House, took a nice walk and met a deer at McDanial Farm Park and had some serious delicious seafood at the Juicy Crab
The girls and I went to the Southeastern Railway Museum the next day.  It was “2nd Thursday” tot program so we got to make some crafts, have story time, ride a train and meet a nice policeman.  Afterwards daddy took us to the mall for some shopping and ice cream.

A great day was spent at the Georgia Aquarium.  It was awesome to see the girls in such awe.  No trip to ATL is complete without Fried chicken and okra.  We ended the day in downtown Duluth for a splash in their fountain to cool off.

Whoever knew there was such a huge Korean community in Atlanta? A mommy friend on an online community I’m part of recommended Wu Nam Jeong Stone Bowl Restaurant and it did not disappoint.  So tasty! Across from our hotel was Nam Dae Mun – this amazing grocery store with all sorts of Chinese, Korean and Latin products and produce.  Put T&T to shame.  I wish I lived near one.
We spent a day at the Atlanta Children’s Museum and The World of Coca Cola.  The kids had so much fun!  It was also the 20th anniversary of the Antlanta Olympics so they had a big party in Centennial Park.  
Before we we left we visited Stone Mountain Park.  What fun we had riding the “sky train” to the top of the mountain (as Addison calls it) and then the “ground train” around the mountain. Addison also loved the 4D show of Yogi Bear.  

I am happy we took this opportunity to get away as a family. This was our first trip away as a family since Addison’s 2nd birthday to Disney.  With the year we had it was a great way to just be in each other’s company and really take stock of how far we have come.  Travelling with two kids is hard, and the girls were often just too hot to enjoy themselves but we made it work.  We took lots of naps and spent a lot of the hottest hours of the day indoors.  And as hard as it was, it was worth it and we all had a wonderful time. Thank you Atlanta for being so full of happy helpful people and for showing us the southern hospitality you are so famous for.  You weren’t on my bucket list but I am sure glad we visited. 


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