Mom of the year award

So Izzy broke her leg.  I write this as we wait for the doctor at emerg at the Stollery on a Thursday.  From what we can tell she broke her leg on Monday at daycare.  They told us she had a fall.  She has been grumpy ever since and also sleeping poorly.  She also had stopped walking but we didn’t really notice until yesterday.  I mean to be honest when she’s not screaming “owie owie owie” when trying to stand, she’s in pretty good spirits.  Aren’t broken legs supposed to be like really painful? 

If she needs a cast, it’s going to be like one of those full from hip to toe casts that also is like anchored to her other leg.  I mean that sounds horrible for Izzy.  But I can only think this is going to be a super pain in the ass.  Diapers, baths, her tantrums because she can’t move.  All horrible.  

They won’t let Izzy eat because maybe there is a surgery coming but maybe not.  What was the first thing that hubs did? Go across the street to get us some dinner.  So lots of pointing at our food and crying.  Don’t worry iz.  It’s really yum.  I will eat your share.  

I was supposed to go to the Tragically Hip today.  I’m actually pretty sad to be missing this concert, this is the last Hip tour.  So my bro is going in my place.  I told him to cry some tears for me.  Yup sad I’m missing the concert rather than being consumed with concern with my kid who broke her femour.  

All these reasons and so many more, all you other moms might as well stop trying and just hand me the award for mother of the year.  🏆


2 thoughts on “Mom of the year award”

    1. Thank you! That really means a lot, especially in a world of perfect social media lives it sometimes takes a lot to open up. And thanks me too, she’s doing great so far


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