Should we stay or should we go? 

Today Isabelle has been making some major strides after having a bit of a tough evening.

Yesterday Izzy was taken off her O2 nasal prongs and started eating solids.  Things seemed to be going all right until in the evening when her oxygen saturation started dropping and her belly got really stiff and bloated.  The oxygen issue was caused by the bloating – too much pressure on the lungs cause shallow breaths which means that there is not an efficient exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide with each breath.  The bloating could be one of two things: gas or fluid.  Gas means you know – bloated – like when you eat too much.  Fluid is something much more serious such as potential infection.  They decided to treat it as gas to see if the bloating would ease. This morning she woke up with a softer belly which means that the bloating was gas! They took her off her nasal prongs and are monitoring her oxygen levels to see if she can manage without forced oxygen.  Also they have turned off her morphine now as well.  The docs said that morphine wears off within an hour or two after being turned off so they are monitoring how well she does without it now.  They gave us some unexpected news: we can leave today as long as she is stable by 3pm. 

Actually they gave us the choice.  If she is stable by 3 we can either go home or we can wait until tomorrow morning to go home.  Hrm.  What to choose?  On the one hand it would be awesome to sleep in my own bed and Izzy would probably be in better spirits with all her toys.  Addison would be over the moon as well to have us all reunited.  On the other hand I am not sure that we would be able to stay calm and cool headed if her belly becomes bloated again.  Also, they have not explained to us wound care etc so I’m still a bit nervous about taking her home. Of course there is no wrong answer, and we would make it work fine either way.  As a person who has trouble choosing the color shirt to buy, or where to go for lunch this is seems like such a big decision to make.  Will keep you updated. In the meantime enjoy the pics of Izzy stuffing her face with pancakes.


2 thoughts on “Should we stay or should we go? ”

  1. UPDATE: we stayed. Izzy’s guts still aren’t doing great so we will stay one night to make sure everything is A-OK. Now that she is completely off morphine hopefully she will become regular again 😬💩


  2. Congratulations to Izzy and all of you for making it through this ordeal. As you said there is no wrong answer, just hang in there and do your best. The worst is behind you and it is now about the recovery…can’t wait to see her up and at it playing on the street again!



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