Weaning off the drugs

When I had my c section, the most important piece of advice I got and followed was “stay on top of your meds”. I followed these instructions meticulously.  I had all the alarms set on my phone – oxycodone, Tylenol, Advil.  I weaned myself slowly off the drugs over a two week period.  Worked like a charm.  I give this advice to every expecting mom that is going to have a c section.

I took this attitude into Izzy’s recovery as well but I’m just doing a not good job at it.  At the hospital, she was on a morphine drip and also Tylenol and Advil.  They cut the morphine after the third day and she has been on Advil and Tylenol ever – every 3 hours it was Advil and then Tylenol.  We slowly started weaning her overnight, letting her sleep as long as she could take it and giving her meds when she wakes up.

But we just aren’t as on the ball with Izzy as I was for myself.  One day we gave her two doses of Advil back to back.  We freaked out and called the poison hotline.  A bit of advice – if you ever give a baby too much Advil don’t panick.  They only worry they have 40mL.  This is why they make the bottles so small.  Then the last two days we basically forgot to give her meds.  Yup we cut her off cold turkey.  Well at least she’s handling it well.  Maybe actually we took it too slow and she didn’t even need the drugs anymore.  Does she look like a kid struggling with pain? 😉​



One thought on “Weaning off the drugs”

  1. So glad you all seem to be doing so well. I would love to catch up one of these days, but it has been great to see the blog and updates there!


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