A little bit about us

During the 12th week prescreen ultrasound we found out that our little baby had something a little different about her.  She has what is known as a Giant Omphalocele.  Her abdominal wall never closed completely and now part of her liver and bowel sits outside the body in a sac.  And so begins our whirlwind and roller coaster journey of trying to do the best for our new baby and family.

This is our blog to document our journey, to update our friends and family on our current situation, potentially be able to reach other families going through what we are , and most importantly, provide me catharsis through this time.

Finally, I probably will make inappropriate jokes.  Because if I don’t laugh, I just might cry.



5 thoughts on “A little bit about us”

  1. Thanks Jess and Mark for having the courage to share your story. As loving grandparents it is our story too and we are hanging on every word across the miles of Pacific Ocean and Rocky Mountains that separate us.


  2. So grateful you are sharing this. None of us who hasn’t had this journey can really understand your experience but know that we are with you through this journey and sending you all our love and strength.


  3. Jessica I’ve been following your story since I first saw you post your blog on Facebook. Though this is my first comment, know I have been sending you many good vibes and thoughts.

    Your friend from Gal Cal,
    Cathy D


  4. Wow, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!
    My husband & I are about to start this “O” journey with our first and have found ourselves at times feeling alone. Like you, we found out at 12wks, and have now just hit 21wks. We have a great team looking after us here in Ottawa, and so much love & support from family & friends, but wks 12-18 (basically until we had the high-risk team looking after us) were pure hell. We’ve talked about starting a blog also, and I can only hope mine is as helpful to someone as yours has been for me. Thank you again, truly – not only for being so open, but for the humour! It’s like reading exactly how I feel on this journey!


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