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A donation to the hospital is the best gift you can give me!

Tomorrow morning at 7am we will be on Country 105 telling our story in support of the Alberta Children’s Hospital foundation.  This charity, of course, is near and dear to our hearts.  I’ve said it before, we owe the hospital a lot.  The hospital has been a huge part of our village over the first year of Isabelle’s life.  Without such a state of the art NICU our month stay would have been much worse.  Without the amazing staff of doctors, nurses, lactation specialists and occupational therapists, we would not have made it through with enough confidence to take care of her at home.  Each visit we had strangely felt like seeing friends even though we were discussing serious issues such as her omphalocele, her weight gain, the ASDs she has in her heart.

Probably from my blog you guys already know that I love to talk.  I also love to share Isabelle’s story to raise awareness for Omphaloceles and the Children’s hospital here in Calgary.  I am grateful for this chance to get to share our story and I hope you all show your support by tuning in and donating.  The link above takes you to the radio’s webpage where you can listen live! 

Thanks again for being on this journey with us. Lots of love! 


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